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Akashi then tells Kuroko that he must be prepared if he’s planning to struggle him, as he was the one who first found Kuroko’s power. As the Rakuzan vs Shūtoku match resumes, Rakuzan emerges victorious and it is time for the Kaijō High vs Seirin High match of the Semi-finals. On the day of the Semi-finals, each Kagami and Kuroko’s sneakers are broken and they need to get new ones before their match. Kuroko discovered his footwear at first try, whereas Kagami couldn’t discover his size. Later on, Kuroko and Kagami meet Momoi who came with Aomine. Momoi goes on to give Kagami Aomine’s shoes however Aomine challenges Kagami to a 1-on-1 for the sneakers. While Kagami and Aomine play, Momoi tells Kuroko about Haizaki and about Aomine punching him.

  • Otherwise, he/she could be pressured to proceed playing.
  • Clearing pockets which might be full or nearly filled with balls is the duty of the taking pictures participant.
  • If a ball goes into a pocket and bounces again on to the enjoying surface, it is not thought-about pocketed.
  • The player calling “safety” must make certain that the opponent is conscious of the declaration.
  • Balls must remain in a pocket to depend as pocketed.

Kaijō’s coach notices that with the addition of Furihata, Seirin’s ambiance has changed. Furihata passes the ball to Kuroko who makes use of his Invisible Pass to pass the ball to Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi gets the ball and passes it to Hyūga who makes the basket, elevating Seirin’s factors. Kuroko uses his Ignite Pass to move the ball to Kiyoshi who then passes the ball additional to Hyūga, who shoots the ball. However, Kise makes use of Murasakibara’s block to cease the shot, stealing the ball. Kise makes an attempt to shoot however is blocked by the Seirin members.

Shooting & Scoring Foosball Ideas

Kiyoshi, after dealing with Wakamatsu, passes to Kagami and he dunks the ball. Seirin’s first match of the Winter Cup is about to begin and Kuroko fetches Kagami from the locker room. Kuroko seems nervous, but Kagami sets him comfy, saying that he isn’t excited about Akashi, however about Aomine. Recalling his previous experiences with Aomine, from their last match, to their friendship and his promise with Momoi, he declares to Aomine that they will positively win this time. Kuroko meets up together with his former teammates and while Aomine makes fun of him at having a chaperone, Kuroko greets them. They speak casually to one another but Furihata might feel the air is heavy, and recalled regardless of being former teammates, Kuroko and the Generation of Miracle members are rivals now in court.

He makes use of his Perfect Copy to evade each Kiyoshi and Kagami who went to dam him. Kise makes use of Akashi’s Ankle Break to make Kagami fall and make the basket. It’s Seirin’s counterattack as Hyūga makes use of his Barrier Jumper to cross the ball to Kuroko. Kuroko gets the ball and attempts to shoot his Phanotm Shot. Kise makes use of Murasakibara’s block and Akashi’s Emperor Eye to dam the shot.

Seirin Team

She tells the rest of the group that the favorites, Kaijō, Shūtoku, and Rakuzan, additionally received their third matches, and that Seirin’s next opponent is Yōsen High. The staff heads to Kagami’s home, where they may watch films of Yōsen’s games. Yōsen completely dominates their opponents, with their impenetrable protection.

They become fired up once more and regain their preventing spirit to win now. It is around that second that Kuroko’s misdirection has completely run out and that his sudden look because the tenth man on court docket begins to daybreak. Kuroko activates his Misdirection Overflow, actually amplifies his presence and makes it in a position for Izuki to use the Vanishing Drive.

Time For Fun!

Kagami says that they’re going to try this by enjoying as onerous as they’ll and win the match. Seirin gets the ball at the tip off, nevertheless it will get stolen by Tōō’s stress defense. Sakurai passes to Aomine, who does an alley-oop and scores the primary point. Following Riko’s orders given before the match, Seirin quickly passes to Kuroko, who pulls up for his Ignite Pass Kai, meaning to pass to Kiyoshi. Facing Aomine, Kuroko would not even activate his Misdirection on him, showing confidence within the power of his new move. He puts a lot energy in his legs, rotates his arm and hits the ball with the palm of his hand, also spinning. The ball spirals besides Aomine, knocking his hand away, and finally reaches Kiyoshi, who receives the ball with effort.

Kise was shocked and tells Kuroko that this is not only a praise but that it also really units him on fire. During the interval of the Rakuzan vs Shūtoku match, Kuroko briefly encounters Akashi when his group prepares for a heat-up. Akashi greets Kuroko, seeing him for the first time because the opening ceremony. Kagami interrupts them by asking Akashi if he still remembers him with Akashi saying he does. Akashi then tells Kagami that his head is held too excessive and makes use of Ankle Break on him.

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