How to Make Money With White Papers and Small Reports

15 de novembro de 2020

[Music] hey today we are talking about the five keys to writing and selling small reports I know you’re always looking for ways to make extra money ways to make leveraged money you know those emails that just pop in and say somebody just paid you and there’s nothing you have to do because you have an automated system set up that delivers it love that that’s what we’re talking about today hey I’m Rochelle sysm I want to welcome you to entrepreneurs take action and you know there’s so many of us out there building an online business we have great content you have great content and so I want you to look at the possibility of writing these small reports small report meaning a word document a that you turn into a PDF that is maybe somewhere from 12 to 20 pages long okay not talking about a massive book that you’re writing here we’re talking about a small report and so first we’re going to look at a couple of things that you need to do whenever you’re writing it and then we’re going to talk about selling it so key number one this is huge and that is to choose a current hot topic I see a lot of people go very wrong with their topic okay you look at what are the people in your industry what’s your ideal client talking about right now is it some big problem that’s going on do you have an industry magazine look at the things that they’re talking about on the covers of your industry magazines those are hot topics and by the way they’ve spent millions of dollars to research and figure that out so you know we might as well just borrow that information from them so number two here’s a big great strategy use the words how-to in your title okay did you know that on YouTube how to are some of the most searched words for videos people want to know how to do things how to boil a chicken how to paint a car in 18 minutes how to post on Facebook and get people to see it right there are tons just use how to find you a great topic and come up with a great title that has the words how-to in it number three offer plenty of tips and examples and great information remember we’re selling this and so we want to be sure that they are getting value for what they are buying the price point on this small report will be anywhere from like seven dollars to maybe seventeen to nineteen dollars I would like to see you keep it under 20 that is that no-brainer sell right people don’t think twice about the things that are under 20 bucks so look at maybe seven are seventeen I love those two numbers the fourth thing I want you to look at is this is actually a little selling strategy and that is to write a part two so whatever you have written about whatever your small report is about you write a second piece that is a continuation of the conversation that they get for free only when they buy okay so this is the part two of whatever your topic was so if you write a you know if you write a report on how to how to paint a car in eighteen minutes then your part two maybe how to choose paint colors okay so think about that what’s the second piece you can write and that one is shorter and still has great content but it’s only they only get it when they buy the fifth thing I want you to look at is possibly looking at using a tiered pricing structure and so a tiered pricing structure would mean that maybe the first hundred people that buy are going to get it for $10 and the next hundred people that buy that are going to get it for $12 and after two hundred it’s going to seventeen dollars which is where it’s going to stay so that is a fast action bonus type situation that gets people to move when they see those numbers dwindling now to do that you have to be sure that you are going in there and saying you know we’ve only got fifteen left at this price we’ve only got two left at this price you’ve got to be changing that and moving it forward so I just I think it’s a great strategy try it and see if it works for you now I said I was going to give you five those are the five choose current hot topic use how to on your title offer plenty of tips and examples right apart too and then create a tiered pricing structure but I wanted to give you a bonus and the bonus is to create a short video to set all this report now I’m gonna give you an example of that so if you go to decisive business planner calm this is a great example of a short report that I sell it’s a business planner that I put together and I sell it for $17 and on that sales page you’re gonna see the video that I created I think it’s between six seven minutes something like that very short video that is educational that is promoting the business planner it converts very well I sell a lot of these business planners for $17 the first time I sold it by the way I sold it for seven just to see if it would sell and then after we sold about three hundred of them I moved that up to seventeen dollars so it does work I sell that all the time now it’s your turn so what is that small report that you’re going to write what is your price point where how are you going to sell it you need a sales page you need a video something so that people can buy it and then I want you to get out there and start promoting it and make the money all right there’s no sales of them saying be this I said have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon bye [Music] you

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